Our Clients

Millikin Tabor Consulting

marketing strategy & social media management

Millikin Tabor Consulting Services transformed our client’s online presence through strategic marketing recommendations and execution. Our focus on targeted strategies, Google and Facebook ads optimization, and proactive social media management led to increased engagement, improved brand recognition, and elevated market positioning. The project demonstrated our commitment to delivering impactful and efficient solutions.

Pearl Technology

Marketing Research

Pearl Technology is an IT, AV, and cybersecurity company in Peoria Heights, IL. Our services encompassed in-depth marketing research to inform strategic initiatives. Additionally, we provided tailored suggestions for social media marketing strategies, aligning with the company’s expertise and geographical presence for optimized online visibility.

University Center Board

event promotion

We executed a successful promotional campaign for Big Event 2022 for the University Center Board. The Facebook promotion garnered significant attention, accumulating 21 likes, reaching an extensive audience of 3,999, and generating a commendable engagement of 459. Simultaneously, their Instagram promotion secured an additional 21 likes

The Gooder Cooking Show

social media recommendation

Through a comprehensive analysis of Chef Pehr’s current website and social media platforms, we devised and executed a targeted website promotion strategy. This included the creation and dissemination of engaging Facebook videos, accompanied by a strategically structured giveaway, guiding the content strategy with insights into what to post, and optimizing the posting schedule for maximum impact. Additionally, we conducted a thorough Meta Suite walkthrough, ensuring a seamless integration of meta elements for an enhanced online experience.

Uniformed Seminars

podcast analysis

As promoters for Uninformed Seminars, we conducted a thorough analysis of the podcast and social media landscape. We devised a targeted social media strategy, offering recommendations for optimized content and engagement. Our focus is on leveraging insights and elevating Uninformed Seminars’ online presence for sustained growth.

Ed Walker Estate Sales

advertising consulting

Ed Walker Estate Sales is a company focused on facilitating the liquidation of partial or complete estates. Our recommendations included methods to track client acquisition sources, boost engagement and awareness on Facebook, explore advertising avenues beyond Facebook, and implement buyer personas for targeted outreach. Additionally, we provided guidance on maximizing the benefits of Meta Business Suite for streamlined and effective business management.

Jenni Hartwig Paint

Solo-entrepreneur management

As consultants for Jenni Hartwig Paint, our services included tailored recommendations for solo-entrepreneur management tools to streamline operations. We provided a dedicated six-week social media management plan to enhance online presence and engagement, aligning with the unique needs of a solo entrepreneur in the creative space.

Tiny Troops Soccer

Marketing strategy

We conducted comprehensive research and devised a strategic plan for expanding Tiny Troops Soccer’s current target market, catering to toddlers aged 2-4 in both military and civilian families across the US and Japan. Our services extend to personalized one-on-one customer interactions to enhance customer retention strategies. We also provided targeted recommendations and tips for effective Facebook ads to amplify reach and engagement.

Flosam LTD

Marketing Research

Flosam LTD is an engine oil company based in Kigali, Rwanda. Our services include detailed marketing research, strategic marketing strategies, and a social media management guide for effective Google and Facebook ads. 

KetAssure IV Infusion Center

Social Media Marketing

KetAssure IV Infusion Center is a treatment center in Effingham, IL. Our services include detailed social media marketing, designing business cards, and Google ads and SEO analysis.