About Us

Our Mission

To help small & medium sized businesses create marketing solutions that meet their diverse needs, while providing a performance learning experience to students.

Group photo of MTC's Spring 2022 consultants

In the Spring of 2022, the first ever cohort was formed to develop what is now, Millikin Tabor ConsultingThis founding group of students were tasked with building a brand and developing the direction for Millikin Tabor Consulting, while working with clients in a single semester. Advised by Dr. Yuhan (Jane) Hua and Bethany Gotts, the founding team was made up of Jake Vietti, Bryce Shumaker, Alyssa Hennessy, Morene Niyomwungere, Gaelle Kinja, Daniel Laverde, Sean Griffin, Kameron Cummuta, and Kyle Clendenen. This team was filled with students from Digital Media Marketing and Entrepreneurship majors, so the group decided that the best services MTC could offer would be marketing consulting services.  With a direction and motivation to experience working with real clients and businesses, Millikin Tabor Consulting has been a growing student-run venture since its creation. Many students have graduated and moved on from their time with MTC, but one thing will never change. MTC will always have students who are committed to performance learning opportunities by providing the most up to date and fresh perspective in marketing.  

Growing With Our Clients

Bringing a Fresh Perspective... Always

As the business is operated by students, there is always a part of our team of consultants that will graduate. As we are sad to see our consultants leave, this means that we will always have new perspectives from students who are looking to gain experience working with clients during their time at Millikin. The digital marketing landscape is ever changing, so a fresh perspective is what we will always bring to our clients.